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Update : Y'all, your girl is officially a signed artist. I can't believe it. I can't believe I have a team of incredible people who believe in me, my voice, and my art enough to sign me before I even have music out. I am so grateful & try to thank God every chance I get. This "artist life" is so confusing and hard to navigate. There is no direct path. Just a lot of following your heart and trusting in God's plan for your life, voice & purpose. I know nothing except that I have to sing & do music... because I truly can't do anything else. 

To all the people who have been following my journey and being so patient with me... thank you. I know I said I'd release music a year ago after I went on my mini tour & had some cool people sharing my videos... then I didn't. But God keeps opening new doors, introducing me to new amazing musical humans, sending me new song ideas at 2am and reminding me that it's all in His timing. I promise I have a project coming. Don't know exactly what it is yet, but I'll let you know the moment my team & I know. :)

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Pen Pals

I have a hard time connecting with people through a screen. Uploading videos & Instagram Live Shows just don't feel genuine and special enough for me. I miss singing live & connecting with an audience. Through this pandemic, I have been trying to brainstorm different ways I can connect with all the people who have been so incredibly supportive of me online and at shows before the world shut down. Soooo I'm thinking... secret links to new songs, handwritten cards w/ lyric sheets, & even private zoom concerts for special groups of people where we can get to know each-other, sing together, & share new / unreleased songs! 

If you have supported me in any way and want to be a part of any of these future special moments, please send me your info below, so I can add you to a special list of people. Let's connect and not just via insta comments & DMs (although that's fun too).


YAS! Excited to talk soon!

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I recently wrote a song for my grandma called "Grandma's Prayers". It's basically about how I wouldn't be able to do anything without her praying for me. She is constantly covering me in prayer and I am convinced it is the only reason I make it through this life. 

I want other people to experience the power of my grandma's prayers, so if you need a little extra help or just want my grandma praying for you or someone you know, send a prayer request below and I will make sure she gets it and prays for you. (I would have you send it directly to her, but she can't even work her cell phone lol so I will be her prayer secretary / assistant!)

Prayer Requests...

Your prayer is being

sent to heaven via

my grandma <3

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